As a lifelong environmentalist and vegan since 1992, my goal was not only to create a business that had a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for the students who walked in the door, but also to be a role model for green living. The studio was designed with Mother Nature in mind, using numerous recycled, re-purposed, reused, and environmentally responsible materials, such as: 

  • ​Blue Link Solar Panels creating up to 960 watts of the studio's power during the day (these are our namesake, as we "salute" the sun every morning!)
  • ​Ultra Touch recycled denim insulation
  • Zero VOC paints
  • Radiant floor heat with an ultra-efficient Baxi Luna HT on-demand boiler to warm the studio (averaging 70 degrees)
  • Pre-used doors, cabinets, trim, and other building materials
  • Energy Star rated appliances, lighting, air conditioning, fixtures, and ceiling fans
  • ​Sustainable cork, bamboo, and laminate flooring and countertops
  • ​Eco-friendly yoga props, such as cork blocks, recycled Mexican blankets, re-purposed fabric eyepillows filled with organic flax and lavender
  • ​All literature and paper goods are 100% recycled material with non-chlorine bleaching
  • Studio use water/tea cups are made from materials that are 100% compostable to be later used in the on-site organic garden
  • Recommendations, advice, resources, and demonstrations are given to students interested in incorporating a plant-based, sustainable, and compassionate diet into their lifestyle

The Studio's Blue Link Solar Panels


Recognized for being "green" in an article by Yoga Journal Magazine in 2009!